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From the depths of Skid Row to the cozy countryside of a Jane Austin novel, Auntie Boy's music encapsulates both of these aesthetics in an unhinged musical display of brute force.  A rapper and producer residing in Los Angeles, California, his voice has been described as "Gay DMX" "A Doberman Pincher on bath salts" and "The most beautiful sound you will ever hear". His production style is bombastic, taking cues from Trap, Hyperpop, Phonk, and video games like Banjo Kazooie. 


His live shows are often more reminiscent of the hardore scene than his rap contemporaries. Pairing visuals of wild horses and english geese with blown out bass and rattling high hats. Auntie often performs in the crowd engaging directly with fans, preferring to have no filter between his energy and the audience.  He released his debut project "The Meryl Streep EP" on Valentines Day 2023. And is currently working on a full length release referred to by a secret working title "The Smile Factory". He inexplicably keeps the company of a cohort of grammy nominated producers and artists and is often spotted in downtown LA handing out scones to the homeless. 


"Take my hand, a kinder and more absurd world is right here under our feet"  - Auntie Boy




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